Operations Manager

Meet Patricia "Trisha" Young, Operations Manager

As Operations Manager for FRA Financial Group, Trisha Young is always on the move, managing not only the New Business and Finance Departments, but Field Agent Licensing as well. And, that’s just the way she likes it.

When asked what she appreciates most about her job, she’s quick to respond, “The challenge – every day is a little different!” Trisha, who’s worked for FRA for eight years, handles all incoming and outgoing money, including the agent comp for more than 100 agents at two companies. She oversees financial projections, planning, budgeting and much more.

She is responsible for ensuring that all new business is handled in a timely and accurate fashion. Trisha works closely with representatives of the product provider companies to ensure that in-house staff and field agents receive the assistance, support and training necessary to be successful.

Her dedication to her team and the field agents she supports is evident in all she does. “I enjoy the people I work with,” Trisha says. “My teammates are truly some of the hardest working women in the insurance business. I enjoy seeing agents join our company and helping them grow their own successful businesses. It’s rewarding to see them move through the process from being a new agent to become a seasoned professional.”

Trisha was born in nearby Scott Air Force Base, IL. Though growing up she wanted to be a teacher, she was drawn to the business world. Attending and graduating from Sanford Brown Business College would become one of her proudest achievements.

“My daughter, Heather (now 19 years old), was six months old when I decided to go to college. You might say it was a family effort.”

Before joining FRA, Trisha ran her own business as a Virtual Assistant and had clients in Seattle, Atlanta and in several Illinois cities. She also worked in Fraud Investigations for a bank in St. Louis, MO, that has branches in five states.

On her day off, this St. Louis Cardinals fan prefers to stay active. “Volleyball, softball, darts or a good barbecue with family and friends is what I enjoy,” she explains. “But I also love a good movie and more than a good movie – a good book. When I find a book I can’t put down, I’m one happy camper.”

Those leisure activities would fit well with Trisha’s future retirement plans. When asked what she’d like to do when she retires, Trisha, who lives in Freeburg, IL, says, “I plan on living in a small house on a beach somewhere – one of those communities you take a golf cart or scooter everywhere.  That sounds perfect to me! Hopefully have grandkids running around by then. “

Just for fun – If you were an ice cream, what flavor would you be?

“Rocky Road! It has everything – chocolate, vanilla, marshmallows and nuts! That sums up my life … A little bit of everything and a little nuts, but absolutely wonderful!”