Pam Anderson

New Business Case Manager

Meet Pam Anderson, New Business Case Manager

For FRA Financial Group New Business Case Manager Pam Anderson, family is the most important thing. When asked to complete the sentence, “Happiness is …” Pam replied, “Being with family.” That family includes her husband, Jerry, with whom she lives in Smithton, IL, her son, Larry Hargrove (34) and grandchild, Teegan Hargrove (7).

But it also extends to her co-workers and the agents with whom she works at FRA Financial Group. She joined FRA 21 years ago and says she enjoys everything about her job. As New Business Case Manager, Pam processes applications, coordinates policy deliveries and handles customer service.

It’s a long way from her first paying job at the Royal Treat Diner. As child Pam wanted to become a teacher, but following graduation from Cahokia Senior High School, she attended Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville and pursued business studies. Prior to joining FRA, she worked in the Loan Department for Cass Bank & Trust. 

On her days off, Pam prefers to travel, taking day trips to nearby points of interest. When she retires, she hopes to live on a lake.

Pam enjoys watching professional bowling, especially when her favorite pro bowler, Wes Malot, hits the lanes. So, it’s no surprise that Pam says if she ever won the Lottery, the first thing she’d buy with her winnings would be a bowling alley. She also collects owls – figurines, stuffed animals, anything depicting the winged creatures.

Just for fun – If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you?

“If I had my family -- Jerry, Larry and Teegan – with me, I know I’d be fine.”